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Renting a Charter Bus for a Weekend Trip

Planning a weekend getaway? If so, you know transportation is a big part of the plan. Flying these days is a hassle and super expensive. Road trips are great, but that means someone has to be the driver. Or does it? When you rent a charter bus for your weekend trip, everyone gets to relax. A professional driver handles the driving, parking, and other things with the vehicle. You and your friends start your weekend early. It is a win-win for anyone looking for a relaxing getaway.

Big Enough for Your Group

The biggest benefit of a charter bus is that it can fit everyone. If you have more than four adults, you are going to need at least two vehicles to ride comfortably. Sure, one of you may have a vehicle with five seats or even a third-row SUV, but those seats are never that comfortable. Plus, where are you going to put your stuff? Rent a charter bus and everyone can ride in one vehicle. You do not have to worry about coordinating travel, waiting for each other, or parking multiple vehicles.

Budget Friendly

Most people do not realize how affordable getting a charter bus can be. That is because they look at the total per day pricing and get a little sticker shock. However, when you break down the daily price per passenger, you see that it is much more affordable than plane tickets. It is even more affordable than renting cars. Depending on the size of your group, it can even cost less than individuals taking their own vehicles, especially if you factor in the cost of wear and tear on personal vehicles.

Start the Party Early

Charter buses come in an array of styles and d├ęcor, so you can pick one that best fits the mood. Equipped with sound systems, entertainment systems, and televisions, they let you start relaxing as soon as you get onboard. Plus, since no one has to be a designated driver, you can plan stops along your destination turning it into a great way to visit wineries, breweries, or other places where designated drivers would be left out.

Start Planning Today

Think a charter bus might be a great addition to your next weekend trip? If so, call us today, we can answer any questions you may have and give you information about pricing and availability.

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