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What is Included in a Charter Bus Rental?

Charter buses allow you to get yourself and your large party to and from anywhere with ease and comfort. While different charter bus companies might provide different amenities from each other, different buses from one charter bus company might provide different amenities between buses. But below is a list of typical things you can expect to find in a charter bus rental.


Most charter buses are experts in comfort. That’s why seats are the centerpiece of serenity on a charter bus. Our charter buses provide comfortable seating with ample space between passengers and plenty of legroom for yourself. Our buses even provide headrests to make your trip more comfortable! Depending on which bus you rent from us, we include between 38 to 56 passenger seats.


Comfortable seats are not the only amenity included with most charter bus rentals. Nearly all charter buses include more such as air conditioning, TV monitors, a DVD player, and a compact bathroom. Many modern charter buses also provide WiFi and phone chargers to their patrons. Your best bet is to simply ask the charter bus rental service you are scheduling with to confirm the availability of both. Most charter buses, like ours, supply a generous amount of storage space as well. So feel free to pack light or a little less light. Since charter buses are used for anything between short to long-distance trips all over the state, or states in some cases, these amenities allow you to travel in comfort and ease.

Food & Drink

Most charter buses allow for food and drinks to be consumed on their buses. Just like WiFi and phone charging, this one is best to confirm with each individual company you are looking to rent a charter bus from. Charter buses are not like airplanes and it’s quite unheard of to offer passengers of a charter bus food, but you may be able to bring something with you. Many charter bus companies also will allow adult passengers to consume alcoholic drinks on the bus. However, they usually also require a refundable deposit. But all of these may be included with your charter bus rental on top of the other awesome amenities.

Interested in Renting A Charter Bus?

Charter buses are the Swiss army knife of transportation. Whether it’s a school trip, wedding, corporate event, or even a hike, try renting a charter bus for your next trip with Kingz Transportation! Please call us at 732-780-3700 to learn more!

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