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Wedding Charter Bus Services

At Kingz Transportation, we want you to feel like you are a part of the family and not just another number. What better time to make our mark than during our wedding shuttle services?

Making Weddings Easier

We offer safe and reliable transportation to and from your ceremony and reception. Specifically, we offer Wedding Guest and Bridal Party shuttle services. Our goal is to make your wedding easier on you, and therefore a more enjoyable and memorable experience. By renting our service, you can add the elegance you are looking for in a great wedding. Group size does not matter, and we can even go to the airport for passengers.

Now consider that you might have out-of-town guests. We all know we probably do! You might have to keep people together at a hotel for some time, then worry about transporting them over to the venue and back. And of course, they can take multiple cars, a ride-share service, or even walk in some places. But to be taken care of and be kept together by an extravagant charter bus sounds leagues above that, doesn’t it?

Also, consider the problem of parking. Many times we like to visit nice places for weddings. And while we can’t know for sure how the parking situation could be, it does seem that more often than not, there’s not enough room to park everyone. What sounds easier to you? Parking possibly 50 or so cars full of people, or one really big car full of people? And not only that, the worry about parking is not on you, it is on us to find the best spot to deposit you and your party so that your wedding continues to go swimmingly.

Frankly, we will solve all these problems, and potentially more, with style and ease. We have a fleet of mini-buses and large coach buses. Our buses can handle anything you need, as our mini-buses are able to accommodate up to 26 passengers, and our coach buses up to 56!

Let Us Make Your Wedding Easier!

What is easier than relaxing while someone else drives you and your dream team to your wedding, bridal parties, rehearsal dinners, and more! Don’t want to worry about parking. Don’t worry about coordinating a convoy of cars. Just let us make your wedding easier! Please call us at 732-780-3700 to learn more!

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