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Decorating Your Next Party Bus Rental

Getting ready to rent a party bus? Take it from blah to bling by decorating your party bus rental. Most party bus rental companies are happy to let you personalize your party bus with decorations. Some may even decorate for you. So, listen to our top tips for decorating your next party bus rental.

First things first, check with your bus rental company. While most rental companies are happy to let you decorate their buses, it is not a universal policy. You want to ensure your party bus rental company enables you to decorate their buses. They may have special rules about how you can decorate. So, ask the questions before you start buying your supplies and planning the decor. Pay special attention to details about the type of tape you can use. You want to protect the bus when you are decorating.

Next, think about your party. Do you have a theme? If so, you probably want to go with themed decorations. Your local party supply store is a good source for themed decorations. You can also find plenty of options online. While your local party supply is limited in space and can only carry some themes, online retailers have more options. Shop early so you have plenty of time for deliveries.

When you think of decorations, think of decor you can secure for the bus. It might look enjoyable to fill up the floor with loose balloons or sprinkle confetti everywhere. However, you do not want to use something that increases the chance of someone getting hurt on the bus. So, use festive decor, but also securely affixed to the bus.

Many people want to use twinkle lights when they decorate. However, your party bus probably has a built-in lighting system. Ask the company what options they can provide and if they can match your decor. The chances are high that you can save money and time when using one of their options.

Finally, think about when you want to decorate. Often, the party organizers will be the first ones on the bus, and they will spend time decorating. However, decorating can be a party activity, as well. Consider incorporating decorating into your party plans, especially for younger party members. It can be a great way to break the ice and get guests into a party mood.

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