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Reasons to Choose a Party Charter Bus for Prom or Graduation

Every year graduation, graduation parties, proms, and prom parties take place all over New Jersey. Some may rent a limo or other car to make life easy to go back and forth. But the savviest of party-goers know that a charter bus is the perfect prom party bus.

Save Money

If parents are paying for it, they’d sing at the sound of saving money. If prom-goers themselves are paying for the party bus, they’d cheer even more at saving money. We all know that limousines are expensive, especially since they don’t really have a function otherwise. Limos often only fit around eight people. On some party buses, you can get way more, like 20 people! Do that and you’ve cut your cost in half and more than doubled your fun.

Stay Safe

If you had everyone that could fit on a 20-person bus drive, even in pairs, that would use up 10 vehicles on the road. 10 vehicles that will be driven by often brand-new drivers who are excited or nervous. Surely, keeping all 20 people in one vehicle driven by a professional with years of training and experience sounds safer, right?

Stay on Time

Prom or graduation has the problem of requiring possibly hundreds or more people to arrive on time to the same location. That means there’s a huge possibility of random variables that will slow you down like traffic, even if you leave early. You might even have to sit apart from friends, waiting for them to arrive without a prom party bus.

Have More Fun

Does 8 crowded people in a limousine sound fun? Or does 20 of your closest friends with plenty of room on a prom party bus sound more fun? The math on this is fairly simple, more people equals more party equals more fun!


And to top it all off, taking a prom party bus or graduation bus is way more environmentally friendly than taking 10, 20, or more cars individually. There’s also the problem of space they will take up. Each of those cars will need to be stressfully parked. So why not make your prom stress-free and environmentally friendly? Call us now at 732-780-3700 for your prom party bus!

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