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Field Trip Bus Rentals and Shuttle Services

Planning a field trip

School Trip Bus Rentals NJ

While some schools provide buses for their field trips, others do not. You may also not be happy with the school’s bus options. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for charter bus rentals New Jersey that can get you safe, reliable transportation for your field trip group.

At Kingz Transportation, we pride ourselves on being a fast & easy charter bus services NJ. We make it easy for you to book your charter, and we work with you to ensure you get the transportation that you need.

Safety First

For school field trips, the biggest priority is safety. You need to make sure that your students are safe, and we take steps to protect that safety. Our drivers are licensed and comply with all state and federal regulations. We also run background checks for safety. In addition, we know that you may still have concerns about COVID-19 and other diseases. We disinfect our buses between trips to reduce the chances of disease transmission.

We know that when you plan a field trip you need a company that is reliable, but flexible. We work with you to help accommodate you when unplanned changes occur, but we also ensure you have the buses and drivers you need at your scheduled time. Our 24/7 support staff can work with you to make sure your trip is perfect.

Experience You Can Trust

We have experience working with school groups. Let’s be honest; children can be very difficult to transport. We have experience in moving groups of children and have protocols for ensuring that all kids get to their destinations and that the children remain safe for the ride.

Speaking of flexibility, we also work hard to ensure equal access for all children. We have accessible school buses, so that you can take every child on your trip. Just let us know beforehand if you have any children with special needs and what those needs may be, so that we can provide the appropriate transportation for your group.

You may think chartering a bus would be prohibitively expensive. However, charter buses are more affordable than you think. We offer options for every budget and for every group size. That gives the flexibility to take field trips, whether you are taking an entire grade of a small group or club.

Ready to find out more? Call us today. Our helpful customer service staff will ask questions about your trip, such as group size, whether the kids will be carrying backpacks or equipment, the length of the trip, and whether the trip will be one-day or overnight. From there, we can help you pick the right transportation for your field trip.

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