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Tips for Renting a Bus for a School Trip

Need of A School Bus For a Class Trip?

School Bus Rentals

If your school field trips were on big yellow school buses, you may be in for a surprise. Many of today’s school field trips rely on chartered buses for the school trips. That is because some districts may not have the extra buses to handle normal school transportation and school trip transportation. In addition, you may want more comfortable buses for longer trips.

However, not all bus charters are the same. You want to find a company that offers reliability and value, while also ensuring student safety. At Kingz Transportation, we put our customers first. We provide the highest-quality service, flexibility, and comfort. We work with groups of every size and are happy to put together a charter package that is perfect for your school trip.

Before you give us a call, we have some tips for chartering a bus for a school field trip. Keeping these things in mind will help you get an accurate rate for your trip. It will also prepare you for questions that the charter company is likely to ask.

Tips When Chartering a School Bus

First, look at the bus options. We offer a variety of different bus styles and picking the right one depends on the type of trip you are making. For a short trip across town, a school bus or basic charter bus may be fine. However, if you are traveling long distances, you want a more comfortable option. If your students are going to be carrying equipment or luggage, you also want to make sure you have plenty of storage space. So, check on the company’s bus options.

What are your safety needs? Many school buses do not have safety belts. However, we know safety belts improve outcomes in accidents.

Do you have children with special needs on the trip? You want to know if you are going to need any type of physical accommodations on the bus, especially things like wheelchair ramps. Most charter companies will be able to supply specialized buses or school buses, but you need to communicate those needs to the company beforehand, so you can make sure you get appropriate buses.

Do you want or need amenities? Many buses have entertainment features that can make travel easier. While the ability to play movies may not be necessary, they can make the trip less stressful and more peaceful for students and teachers, alike.

School Field Trip Driver Qualifications

You want to check on driver qualifications. Does the company take special steps to check the driver’s background? Any driver who will be driving a school field trip should have a clean background check, a great driving record, and professional driver training.


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